Saturday, November 27, 2010

While You Were Sleeping - Trey Palms

So Trey Palms just released his first mixtape, While You Were Sleeping. I'm listening through it right now and so far it's great. There are some really well produced songs by Keyan "Behruz" Sanai and Sean Brennan. Give this a good listen and look to Trey doing big things in the future. He should be releasing his next mixtape sometime around christmas

Trey Palms (stagename) is a Virginia native, currently attending Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore. He started recording and releasing music this past September and has enjoyed great, unexpected success since. Plans as of right now are to produce two-three more mixtapes over the next few months with platinum winning producer Debonair Samir. Trey will be touring across the country starting early 2011. Any concert/show requests should be emailed to

Download: Trey Palms - While You Were Sleeping

Here's the tracklist:
1. Final Countdown Remix (Produced by Pretty Lights, remixed by Sean Brennan)
2. Never Say Never (Produced by Deadmau5, remixed by Sean Brennan)
3. Usual Success Freestyle (Produced by The Inkredibles)
4. On My Own (Produced by Debonair Samir)
5. Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (Produced by Debonair Samir)
6. Time Spent With You (Produced by Bruce Pettit)
7. 1:30am (Produced by Bruce Pettit)
8. My Way In (Produced by RedOne)
9. Island Flake (Composed by Jack Johnson, remixed by Sean Brennan)
10. Hip-Hop; You Broke My Heart (Produced by Bruce Pettit)
11. C-Ville (Produced by Misfit)
12. Miles Away From Ordinary (Produced by J.R. Rotem)

Enjoy these samples from the mixtape and listen to the full mixtape on our mixtapes page: Mixtapes

Time Spent With You - Trey Palms by ChuKnowSir

Island Flake [Ft. Jack Johnson] by Trey Palms by KREATIVE AUDIO

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