Monday, January 31, 2011

We're Moving!

We've been saying it for a while now but the new site is finally here. is the new home for GBz and we'll be running Gravity Beatz on that site from now on. The new site has a lot more features and will have you listening to fresh tracks all day. So if you want to stay up to date on Gravity Beatz and continue to get hot songs as they're released check out the new site and use it from now on. The GBz Crew.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dirty Girls Love Dubstep

After hearing what $1500 worth of car audio components sounds like I felt the need to share some dubstep with you all. Turn up the speakers, the bass, and enjoy.

Benny Benassi - Cinema Feat. Gary Go (Skrillex Remix)

Flux Pavillion - Bass Cannon

Helicopter Showdown & Sluggo - The Wrestler (Original Mix)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Robots Can't Drink (Freestyle Friday #53) - e-dubble

53 weeks and goin' strong! e-dubble samples his own song on this one, "Drinking With My Headphones On" and turns it into a fireee new track. You gotta love his lyricism it's off the wall! Everybody give e-dubble a shout-out, good job freestylin hard every week of the year and always giving us dope music to look forward to. Bump this shit and enjoy! GBz

e-dubble - Robots Can't Drink by edubble

XV- Smallville(Prod. J Cole)

New track from artist XV titled Smallville, produced by none other than J Cole himself. Giving us this treat on Cole's birthday, he samples The Smashing Pmpkins song To Forgive and when you add XV to the mix the songs a straight jam. Enjoy. GBz.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jon Connor - Moment 4 Life (Freestyle)

Remember when we posted that article about getting a natural high from listening to great music? Well I get goosebumps every time I hear this track. Enjoy, GBz.

Jon Connor - Moment 4 Life by iDropBombs3

I'm the King - Game ft. Mistah F.A.B.

Upon popular request (but mostly just Timmy Cox) we have Game's "I'm the King". Great song, the beat is real nice. Never been a huge fan of the Game but props on this song for sure. I feel like the more blazed you are the better this song is. Then again the more blazed you are, the better anything is... fuck it. GBz
Game - I'm The King by xaphj

Wiz Khalifa- Roll Up

Another leak from Wiz off his recently announced Rolling Papers, despite the name he takes a different angle and gets alittle deep for us. Great track, classic Wiz in my mind and I'm praying the rest of the album follows suit. Enjoy. GBz.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

SoLo - Movin' Out

New artist alert! Pat Jamieson, a.k.a. SoLo, is an 18 year old freshman from Hofstra that has recently broke out on to the frat rap scene. The entire song is produced great and his flow is perfect throughout. Show the up and comer some love at his facebook page, and enjoy.

Tory Lanez - T.O.R.O.N.T.O. (Black and Yellow Freestyle)

Ok, I swear this will be the last Black and Yellow remix that is posted on this site. But this song was so hot that i had to post it! Tory Lanez absolutely kills the beat and shows that the kid is here to stay. So listen and enjoy.

Paul Markham - Start It Up

Finally some new stuff from affiliated artist Paul Markham off his upcoming mixtape The Prelude dropping February 11th. He goes in over Fab's You Be Killin 'Em beat and does it justice. You can expect a couple more leaks from the tape before it drops in February.

Young Kixx - Chop'em with the Chakra

I've been big into this kids stuff lately. He goes by a bunch of names but Young Kixx is where you can find him on facebook. As usual his flow is great throughout the entire track and its got a real chill beat. Sit back and bump this track. GBz.

On My Level- Wiz Khalifa feat. Too Short

New joint from Wiz with Too Short titled, On My Level. The Tracks off his upcoming album, Rolling Papers, dropping March 29th. Enjoy. Gbz.

Dazed and Confused(video)- Mac Lethal

Alright so if ya'll haven't heard of Mac by now, he's the dude stirring shit up on youtube with his ridiculously fast flow. This video's no different, summing up one of my all time favorite movies, Dazed and Confused, in just 120 seconds. The songs funny as hell and he spits at an absurd rate. Enjoy. GBz.

Throwback Thursday- Put it On by Big L

This is Big L's first appearance on TT but I'm sure it will not be his last. Big L was regarded as one of the best in his time helping put New York underground rap on the map. Unfortunately in 1999 he was murdered, which is sometime over shadowed by the the deaths of Pac and Biggie but Big L was the real deal. Heres one of his many straight hits Put it On by Big L.

White Soft Porn- Game, Asher Roth, Tyga

This was the first leak off the Game's new mix-tape Purp & Patron The Hangover. Here the Game features Asher and Young Money's Tyga. This song is extremely hot they all kill it but of course Ashers verse is my favorite but you be the judge of it. GBz

Game - White Soft ft. Asher Roth, Tyga & Mars by SoleFood_U