Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There Was A Time - JayWork ft. Huey Mack

Well, I'm almost through this all-nighter study sesh and I came across this dope song while taking one of my many "breaks," maybe next time I won't forget about my test. These guys JayWork, a couple of high school kids throw together a great track and Huey Mack steps in to drop some bars as well; altogether making for a solid hit. Plus you gotta love that chorus, real catchy. These upbeat songs are great to chill out to. But enough of this I've written enough (probably the adderall, good shit for studying). For anyone who's still awake I highly advise you give it a listen, or if not enjoy it in the morning I'll see ya'll then.  GBz

There Was A Time - JayWork (feat. Huey Mack) by GravityBeatz

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