Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Timeflies - All Night and Lose My Mind

I was looking for something to pick me up on this gloomy day and then I come across these guys. Timeflies, they're an up an coming group out of the Boston area. The vocals of Cal and beats by Rob Resnick combine to make great songs. I love the lyrics, these two songs have been on repeat for at least an hour now, "And girl it's all how you feel, face in a pout, blue steel. You know i gotta have some, so i'm guna get you home and show you magnum" Give it a listen, download, and enjoy. GBz.

Timeflies - All Night by iDropBombs

TimeFlies - Lose My Mind by iDropBombs


  1. loving the wobble they through in the beat on lose my mind...nice kinda dubstep sub enjoys this one..

  2. fire
    im like rahzel on ya, i beat box.