Saturday, December 11, 2010

Everybody But Me (Jacked) - BeBe Boohgz (Lykke Li)

So I'm about halfway through writing one of my take home finals and I decided to do a little procrastinating. I've been going through BeBe Boohgz "The Jack Move" Vol 2, which is just an awesome mixtape. He covers a lot of dope instrumentals including one by Lykke Li, "Everybody But Me." It's a great song and BeBe drops fire on this track as well as the rest of "The Jack Move" Vol 2, which you should give a full listen to. If you're doing the same as me take a break and listen up. GBz

"Everybody But Me_Lykke Li" (Jacked).mp3 by bebeboohgz

And be sure to check out the link for the full mixtape after the jump.

Here's the full mixtape "The Jack Move" Vol 2. It's really a kick-ass mixtape so y'all should give it a listen. And be sure to check Gravity Beatz in the future for more updates on BeBe Boohgz (interviews coming soon!).

Mixtape: "The Jack Move" Vol 2

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